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Cleaner Water, Hazardous Algae Bloom Remediation and Prevention !

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Yes, you CAN have clean Ponds, Rivers, Streams and Lakes without using harsh chemicals! Stop draining, dredging and refilling, try bio-remediation and bio-dredging. Let's discuss your pond, lake, stream or river water treatment project today.

Read: Conclusions from Noida International University:
"Using Diatoms for the reduction of nutrients is a unique technology, which utilizes the enormous potential of microalgae in restoring water quality. Diatoms have the ability to simultaneously tackle more than one problem, which is not capable by conventional chemical processes. Phycoremediation is cost-effective as it saves power and many chemicals, and it has a potential for CO2 sequestration—a solution for the threat of global warming."


Clean Streams, Rivers and Lakes
An IRS 501(c)(3)
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