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Aquaritin AGRI Solutions

"19" and "Defend" Foliar Spray Fertilizer and plant health Foliar Spray.

Labeled for "Turf" currently, but that is changing because field tests have proven these products are beneficial for so much more than just the over 500 Golf Courses that currently use them.  

"Defend" Foliar Spray Label (Click to Open):
ISO certified liquid foliar spray containing 13 macro and micro nutrients at nano scale.

Nutrients are mobile at nano scale and as such they translocate within the plants more readily.

Being at nano scale, the nutrients are completely absorbed through the stomatal openings within minutes (less than 20 minutes). This prevents wastage of foliar spray in case of rainfall.

Boosts Photosynthesis efficiency leading to higher yields.

Mitigates pests and disease incidence thereby reducing crop losses. It saves up to 90% in Pesticides, fungicides cause.

Reduces water consumption by at least 20% through reduction of transpiration loss.

Savings in manpower costs. Reduced logistic and storage costs

1 litre AF treats 3 hectare area of tea plantation.

Annual consumption is 2.5 to 3.0 L of AF per hectare sprayed over 8-9 sprays.

Sustainable and climate change ready product 

"19" Fertilizer and Foliar Spray Label (Click to Open):
At 33.8 oz (1 liter) per 6 acres, NEW Aquaritin 19’s breakthrough nanotechnology will deliver an equivalent of a 19-19-19 conventional foliar spray with additional benefits derived from micronized Silicon, such as resistance against mechanical, environmental and other abiotic and biotic stressors. At just $28.33/per acre the our fertilizer is there for you at a stable price.

Eliminate the use of other foliar and ground-based fertilizers and reduce pesticide applications, all while reducing irrigation duration and growing healthier, more profitable crops.  

Our "19" fertilizer has not gone up in price, is cost efficient and there is no shortages or supply chains issues.

A new way to deliver NPK and other micronutrients to plants.

Aquaritin 19 uses breakthrough nanotechnology to deliver Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and 7 essential nutrients in a single formulation.

Nanoparticles are proven to outperform micronic particles due to their larger surface area, easy attachment, fast mass transfer and controlled release of active ingredients.

Watch a professor explaining the importance of Silica in Agriculture:

19 and Defend Foliar Sprays

"19" and "Defend" Foliar Spray Fertilizer and Plant Health Foliar Spray.

Over the course of time, many pesticides have gradually lost their effectiveness because pests have developed resistance to them. The future of agriculture may depend on exploiting plant resistance which represents an economically and ecologically efficient approach to integrated pest management.

One way to improve effective resistance is to supplement with silicon (Si). Si is an important element in plant nutrition and is the most common element, after oxygen, on Earth.

It is now well established that silicon enhances plant resistance and reduces plant damage caused by insect pests and non-insect pests through the mediation and upregulation of both resistance mechanisms that are constitutive (i.e., irrespective of insect presence) and induced (i.e., in response to insect attack).

A large body of research on pest resistance offered by silicon suggests that deposition of amorphous silica in the leaf apoplast impedes penetration by pests and fungus. In addition to the prophylactic effects of silicon, it is also considered to be biologically active and can trigger a faster and more extensive deployment of plant natural defenses.

When available, silicon is absorbed into the plant tissue and deposited into the epidermis layer of each cell. This layer acts like the “mortar” in a brick or stone wall, holding the shape and structure of the cells, leading to plants that are stronger and more resistant to disease and stress.


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